Sunday, February 04, 2007

A bit of drfunken blogging

Sorry peeps but I've got to do this drfunk or not at all and yes you can call me Doctor Funk for this evening, I've even put Sly and The Family Stone on for Funk Gods sake!

This has been a pretty hard week for me as I not only got confirmation that my sister and her two youngest won't be coming to our wedding but she's planning to marry the obviously abusive Londoner called Darren in June. Putting aside the fact that both me and Rosa think that somebody we've never met is an abusive partner what the fuck is Angela doing here? I never saw myself as the marrying type but when it came up the only peeps I cared about being there were my auld dears my sisters and heir kids. Angela has torn a large part of my heart out.

On the other hand fuck her. I want you here if you can, I would count Ed as a mate without loving his sister and Sara hand I are going to be legendary, but I'm going to stop worrying about who comes. Marrying Rosa's the important thing for me and it's all I really want.

Frankly I'm tempted to get married beforehand and spend my honeymoon time wandering Europe with Ed and Marieke but that won't happen.

My sister and the kids not coming to my wedding has left an awful hollow space inside me.


Brigit said...

Its early days yet mate. She may change her mind?
But you are right You marrying Rosa is the most important thing... but not before Ive saved enough to come over for the day!

Garry G said...

I'd be so happy if you could come but it's a bit of a big ask likesay. You are very very welcome.

Brigit said...

oh Im coming alright.