Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Scotland will stuff the Netherlands in the Cricket World Cup!

I think I've covered that pretty well.

So far I'm enjoying the cup and I'm not dissapointed in my countries showing at all, especially Smith's getting a best ever of 51 against an opponent like Australia. We know we're minnows and even Fat Boab, who appeared to have been hijacked on his way back from Majorca to fill out numbers, did okay against the Aussies.

I'm more looking forward to The Black Caps fucking England over on Friday though. Let's face it England will be lucky if the make it to the semis. Years of throwing out random ODI teams then getting awfy chuffed when you stumble across a few wee wins does not a World Cup winning team make whilst New Zealand seem to have been building themselves up in recent years and I have a lot of faith in the return of Shane Bond. He's called Bond for fucks sake folks! I'm not sure if New Zealand can win and I believe this'll be a close competition but I truly believe they'll beat England.

Although not beat as truly as the way that The Saltires will beat Netherland though!


Graham said...

Change the title to "will get stuffed by" and you'd be right :D

Garry G said...

I've never been fantastic at drunken sports punditry but OTOH England did get stuffed by the Kiwi's! ;)

Graham said...

Ah, but I never made any bold claims to the contrary. As an Englishman I know the boundaries of sensible prediction! :p

Garry G said...

Since when has humility in regards to sports been part of the English character heid the baw?

Graham said...

Humility? It's called realism.