Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The World was a mess but his hair was perfect

Well it's been a funny month since I last blogged. In awfy good news my sister is no longer marrying the abusive English bloke in Spain this week mainly because, as my niece Caroline says, he's a fucking psycho. I never realised how much of a weight on my shoulders the whole sister marrying fuckwit was until I heard this though it's still unlikely that she'll be coming to the wedding. Still a relief though likesay.

The wedding itself seems to be almost sorted with kilts and rings ordered, venues organised and food being prepared. All that's left is getting the invites out, sorting out the music with the DJ and organising transport for the wedding party. We were in town at the beginning of the month looking at all the stuff we could have bought with the money we're spending on this, actually quite cheap compared to most, day and wondering whose fault it all is. Turns out it's mine but there you go eh? Saying all that I'm really looking forward to us all getting together for a big party that's all about me!

And that weird Kiwi I suppose.

In other news I was out for my mate Danny's smoker the other week which was fun but obviously not fun enough as I seem to have drunkenly ended up at his girl Claires smoker in The Cage which is a rock/goth club that I only ever end up in when I'm pished out my skull and always hate it. Claire's always fun to dance with though.

This of course led to us having to go to the actual wedding last Saturday which was fun though it did remind me how much I hate the special Hell that is wedding receptions and I hereby choose not to commit to staying the full evening at ours if there's a chance of getting a squad of us together to head down to The Reading Rooms to check out a band and drink some of that special voodoo juice known as Red Stripe. I know this is going against all tradition but if it gets me out of having to dance with all my aunties what can I do?

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