Sunday, September 23, 2007


So its 45 minutes until New Zealand comes up against the rugby might of Scotland at Murrayfield. The beers in the fridge, the snacks on the table and Rosa's got her Kiwigirl t-shirt so it's game on and time for another sporting prediction from Garry.

We're going to stuff the All Blacks!

Some of you may think this unlikely but mark my words we can do it and once we do it'll be onwards to Scotland being crowned champions of the World!

Did that sound convincing?


Garry G said...

I suppose that could have gone better but we'll beat Italy dead easy.

Graham said...

Yeah, it wasn't quite as bad as watching England. ;)

Brigit said...

thats what we call a down trou.

Garry G said...

To be fair Scotland fielded their second team as they didn't expect to win anyway and the All Blacks played pretty crap themselves. It was a pretty rubbish game when all's said and done.

Brigit said...

yes it wasnt worth getting up at a ridiculous hour to watch. I also dont know why we had to wear the silver shirts when Scotland doesnt wear the all dark blue anymore... made it more confusing at said hour... any hour really... good luck against Italy. :)