Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm just a symptom of the moral decay that's gnawing at the heart of the country!

I have to apologise to my reader for once again not blogging for ages. I'd love to say that this was because of illness, death, madness or some terrible family tragedy but in reality I was mainly at the pub with mates or playing the Xbox. Actually those reasons aren't all that bad though it might be good to try and combine pub and Xbox time for a more efficient use of the old energy likesay.

So let's get right into what's been happening. The biggest news is that in the past week or so Rosa and I have decided to knock Africa on the head for the time being and buy a flat in Dundee instead. This is really one of those good and bad things that kinda balance out so I won't whinge. Anyway we've started the hunt for a reasonably priced two bedroomed apartment with a fabulous view and decent neighbours and have high hopes of fulfilling at least one of those criteria before handing over the wedge. Serendipitously house prices fell throughout the whole of Scotland this week, apart from Dundee where they went up a bit.

In other news despite a bit of a scare my Dads recovery continues, Boris the Xbox 360 died and had to go to the Microsoft necromancers to be resurrected and I took advantage of Rosa' Christmas present to visit my gentlemens club in Edinburgh. Everybody should have a gentlemens club.

There's much more to say, including loads of parochial news, but I'll do that when I can be arsed.

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