Monday, April 07, 2008

This is it, this is where I'll be

After weeks of house-hunting and a few disappointments it looks like Rosa and I may finally have managed to sort of, nearly buy a flat. The week before we headed out to Portugal to hang out with her auld dears we had a viewing of a two bedroom flat which turned out to be exactly what we wanted and last Monday they accepted our second offer of only thirteen grand more than the asking price. Of course this doesn’t mean we actually have the flat yet as a survey brought up possible problems with damp floorboards or something so we’re having to send in a timber specialist to check it out and tell us if he needs to do whatever timber specialists do or not as the case may be. Once we know if anything needs done we can offer the owners a bit less to cover it so it’s all good.

“But enough of the boring stuff what about the flat?” I hear you cry. Well that’s what my mind is telling me when in reality if anybody was ever reading this they gave up long ago and everything I’m typing is being flung into the void of cyberspace only to be stumbled upon by people of mistype their Google searches. It’s all a bit pointless really when you think about it. I mean what’s it all about? We come from nothing and we go into nothing and what do we leave? Nothing. There’s really no point in anything really although Smarties are nice. Anyway enough channelling Graham let me tell you about the flat. It’s a two bedroom ground floor flat right around the corner from the one we used to rent. If you were up for the wedding you’ll know where it is as it’s right across the road from the park we got married in. The kitchen’s a good size with plenty of room for the two of us to cook and the bathroom and bedrooms are fine but the living room is fantastic. More the 20’ long and east facing there’s plenty of room for a dining table and we’ll get the morning sun. All in all it’s a great flat that should do us for a long time and give us a decent profit if we sell so let’s hope it all works out and we can move in next month.

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