Monday, July 14, 2008

Parochial Poetry Day

I wouldn't like to think that the citizens of Dundee are an uncultured lot. Au contraire we are a city of people who take great joy in indulging in new experiences in the world of art. As evidence I present a letter writer to the Daily Telegraph who has chosen to break free from the shackles of mere prose and enter a new world of poetry,

What for?

I composed this poem because the news gets more depressing every day.

Where Has Great

Britain Gone?

I remember during the War

When people helped one another,

But now it seems that every day

This country is getting like “Big Brother”.

Politicians are sitting in Parliament

Making up their own rules

Such as closing little post offices

And also lots of schools.

Because they are all the “Fat Cats”

With two houses, and two cars,

Who grant themselves big pay rises

And now live like film stars.

Food prices are rising daily,

Also the price of petrol and oil

And ordinary folk are struggling to manage

No matter how hard they toil.

Prisons are now like holiday camps

Where inmates all have a T.V.,

But do they pay a licence for it,

Or do they also get that free?

Prisoners get days out shopping,

Making a prison sentence a joke,

And ordinary people who like a drink and a fag

Have to stand outside the bar to smoke.

Parents can’t discipline their kids now

By giving them little smacks,

Then they wonder why some teenagers

Are found guilty of street attacks.

So where has Great Britain gone

The country who won the War?

When thousands of young folk lost their lives

And I’m wondering now, “WHAT FOR”?

— Jean Hendrie, Strathmore Place, Broughty Ferry, Dundee.

It's always good when peeps find new ways to say we're going to Hell in a handcart and that stopping prisoners having to shit into buckets and not being able to beat our children is what's responsible. Really gives you a warm feeling inside likesay.

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