Friday, June 19, 2009

Parochial News Day

So I've managed not to post for an awfy long time and it's nobodies fault but my own. I'll get back to regularly posting for my reader soon but before that let's have a look at what the local peeps in sunny Dundee have been talking about.

Those of you in the Colonies may not be aware that the government of the Heart of the Empire has been having a bit of a rough time at the moment. Leaked documents have revealed that our supposedly trustworthy MP's have been fiddling their expenses for years on soft porn, moats and duck houses. Of course this hasn't been the solely a crime of New Labour, let's face it not even the biggest betrayer of Socialism's cause has a moat just yet, so voters in the English Council and European elections obviously felt the need to look for another party which would uphold the British values of fairness, social democracy and equality. Many chose the British National Party.

Now I've mentioned this bunch of vile racist scum at least once before and my opinion hasn't changed in the slightest. Given that I was shocked when I received a BNP leaflet through the door saying that it's people just like me who vote for them and I should vote for them because,

It's not racist to oppose mass immigration and political correctness - it's common sense

Which is funny since I'm married to an immigrant and a big believer in not being a bigoted twat which political correctness seems to be about. Weird to think that I'm they're targeted group likesay. Needless to say I voted Green.

In the end our little fascists managed to win quite a few English council seats and two seats in the European Parliament thanks to many Labour supporters not voting because Labour are shitebags and idiots voting for them either because they don't think the party's about hate or because they're full of hate themselves. So flush from victory to racist Nick Griffin decides to hold a press conference outside parliament,

Haven't you always wondered why the members of the master race are always so plug ugly? I've also always wondered why peeps who decide to egg fascists don't boil them first.

Anyway the noble citizenry of my home town reacted thus,

Democratic right
Those who tried to attack BNP leader Nick Griffin after the recent Euro elections are an affront to the democratic system.

The same goes for the politicians who said it is a bad day for Britain — who are worried about the BNP’s rise.

The BNP seems to me to be the only ones willing to tackle crime. — George Aimer, Kinghorne Road, Dundee.

So Mr Aimer thinks that as long as you put the good old bobbies back on the beat a wee bit of racism and homophobia alright likesay. You'd think that all the crime committed by Dundee's immigrant population, obviously in the evenings when they leave their 12 hour day jobs that we don't want to do or universities that we can't be arsed going to, hugely outweighs what's done by Shuggy the ned. To be fair George would probably bring back the birch and hanging for Shuggy.

It's a proud day to be Dundonian.

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