Saturday, October 22, 2011

No Ball Games

That's what the signs said when I was a kid.

I'm a Dundonian and quite proud of it. We're pretty much Scotlands forgotten city and in the 70's our council screwed up our heritage by taking backhanders for tearing down our historical buildings but I still love the city. Given this I was quite shocked when Rosa got a friend request on Facebook by my sister Angela who stated on her page that she comes from Carnoustie!

To be fair we did move to Carnoustie for a few years but give me a fucking break. Angela isn't just from Dundee she's from Whitfield and Douglas which were really bad places at the time, one of my first memories is getting my toys stolen off me by kids coming back from school. This doesn't mean you should deny it all though, what's wrong with doing good whilst coming from a bad place?

OTOH she's loaded now because she married a man the same age as our dad and perhaps a little lying helps smooth the process. You wouldn't want to give him a shock before it all goes through.

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