Monday, January 15, 2007

Rangers 5-0 Dundee United

This and the New Years Day stuffing by Falkirk are not good but I refuse to get down about this. The team Levein played on New Years day was the exact team that beat Aberdeen two days earlier and the fact that they gave the game away in the second half shows how tired they were. Rangers had just got rig of they're idiot manager Le Guen after, in a bid to prove who was in charge, he told Rangers and Scotland captain Barry Ferguson that he would never play for the club again. Suffice to say Le Guen found out who was in charge and got replaced by Scotland coach Walter Smith last week and Ferguson captained the team against United. Whatever else I think of him, and I'me very angry that he abandoned the Scotland job, Smith is an inspired manager who did fantastically with Rangers in the 90's and there's normally a change in how the team plays when a bad manager is sacked so I'll take the drubbing with good grace.

I'm still pissed off that Smith abandoning the Scotland job means we probably won't get into Euro'08 though. :(

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