Saturday, July 21, 2007

In just 7 days I can make you a man!

I've never really mentioned my hobby of playing roleplaying games which I've been doing for about 24 years now. I'm currently running Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay every week or so which was supposed to be an epic, dark fantasy quest but has turned out to be more Blackadder in Fantasyland as my players bumble their way from one mishap to another. A great example of this is Rosa's character Podwit a pie-obsessed, psychotic hobbit currently planning on faking his own death in order to avoid having to marry some lass he picked up in the pub when he should be concentrating on trying to save the world. I worry about Rosa sometimes.

Anyway this has all come up as this bloke mentioned in an RPG forum I visit his intention of creating a character for every game he owns and as I need a stupid project to distract me from all the wedding stuff I've decided to do it myself and inflict the results on you lot though I'll probably get distracted after the first few but it's something to do.

And yes you're right I am a sad wee geek who really should get out more but what can ye dae?


Graham said...

Gods, Garry, you're such a GEEK!


(no, I'm not about to do this too).

Garry G said...

Go on you know you want to.

Graham said...

I struggle finding the motivation (and thus the time) to update my actual play, so motivation for this kind of thing? Very low.

I might be convinced at a later date, though, if yours are inspiring enough.

No pressure ;)

Garry G said...

You just wait until I dig out my copy of the Fighting Fantasy RPG sonnyjimmelad!