Monday, November 20, 2006

Acoustic shock

This is me from a forum I'm on,

I'm a call centre monkey which means that I sit with a headset on all day listening to peeps shout at you. Very occasionally this can lead to acoustic shock which is not a nice thing.

Late this afternoon there was something like electronic feedback straight into my right ear. I felt sick straight away as it fucked up my inner ear and I've not been right since. My head is just totally fucked in that I'm completely tense and paranoid, I've not got tinnitus but every background sound is a major irritation and I'm still feeling vaguely ill. I've had this once or twice before and it's really sodding horrible but it's even worse because the hobbitgirl hasn't seen me like this and it's not nice.

Sorry just ranting a bit. I'll feel better tomorrow.

That was a few hours ago and I'm feeling a bit better only because I've got my headphones on which cuts out the extraneous sounds that are winding me up rotten. Rosa was a bit worried because I'm so sodding tense but what can you do?


Anonymous said...

go see an audiologist?

Garry G said...

There's such a thing? I've registered it with my work so let's see how it goes.

Brigit said...

Yes there is. I used to flat with one.