Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dunfermline 2-1 Dundee United

Of course United were 1-0 ahead through most of the game and an equalizer is acceptable but they handed the game away in the 89th minute the idiots. It's good that we beat Rangers but do we have to bounce back to shiteness by being drubbed by fucking Dunfermline?

In other news I'm still not sure what to say about South Africa. It's a nation of weird contradictions with extreme poverty living next to mad riches, really friendly and kind peeps with horrible acts of crime and stupendous countryside with intense cities. I love it to bits but don't know how to describe it.

I am really proud of myself for hauling my fat arse over Table Mountain whilst the tablecloth was down though.

Rosa's brother Ed is a cool bloke and his wife Marieke is really lovely. They did well putting up with me and I can't wait to have them up for the wedding. One of my high points was watching Rosa and Ed dancing on a late drunken night. Broke your heart so it did.

Coming back to the cold north was crap but having my cat Guinness waiting for us made it worthwhile. Our catsitter had spoiled the wee git rotten though, she thinks it's fine to jump on the coffee table.

This turned out a bit messy but my heads still fucked from trying to work out what South Africa's about. I'm away to watch Torchwood now.

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