Sunday, December 17, 2006

Drunken blogging...

Is what this is so I'm going to keep things in the general area likesay. Let us start with the vital info,

Motherwell 2-3 Dundee United

We're 8th in the League and there's still a chance they might end up in the top 6 in time for the split. Our mate Graham's coming up in Febuary so we might drag him along for for a peh at the game an a'that.

I watch in awe at the mess that the English have made of the Ashes.

I will be talking about the music I've seen and picked up this year before Hogmanny probably as part of a round-up of the year but mibbe not. Either way it's been a good year musicwise for me and the Kiwigirl. If you check the link to Grahams blog he's been talking a lot about musice recently although he really needs to calm down a notch and realise it's supposed to be fun! If it's not fun why bother?

Rosa's still wonderful. She's having such a hard time with stuff that's happened recently but her first thought is always to a'bdy else. I just wish I could fix it.

Anyway just a badly typed check in. I might never get around to talking about the whole Dundee Christmas tree scandal after all but you never know.

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