Saturday, December 02, 2006

Who are we and other random shite.

I'm making no more comment on certain things apart from my last post. Just not my place.

I've been thinking about online personas recently and I don't quite get it. Yeah my mates and I have posed as Jewish Mexican Gay Sex Addicts on XBoxlive to wind up Merkin Nazi Youth but it's been a one night thing fuelled by copious drink and a need to piss off idiots so it doesn't count. What I'm talking about is people who creat an internet persona and then sustain it for months or years. What is the fucking point? Sorry this is just another way of communicating and putting more noise in front of the signal is just plain weird, just accept that you're a fat 28yr old virgin and not a hardarse streetfighter and you might find that shit might go better for you. I just find the whole thing weird and it gets weirder when peeps tell me I'm just as annoying in RL as I am on the intraweb, it's not an act folks I am this much of a prat.

Still thinking about South Africa and astounded at how much walking over Table Mountain means to me. You see when you go to another country it's the small differences that get you like you know in France they don't call a Quarter Pounder a Quarter Pounder the call it a Royale with cheese? I'm still stunned.

This weeks new toy is which is a DVD rental service that provides up to 3 DVD's at a time for 16 squid a month and in the first few days it's sodding great. Last night we watched The Blues Brothers to distract us from nonsense in our lives and it was wonderful, tonight it was The Big Lebowski and we've got a Mexican film for Sunday with more stuff coming early next week. I love this. We can get the whole of Seinfield also.

I'm still suffering from existential angst but I can't be arsed getting The Cure, Albert Camus, a random arab and myself to all gather on an Algerian beach so I can kill the arab so I remain cheerful.

Please hug the person you love.

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