Friday, October 19, 2007

Oi Brigit!

Brigit and I had a wee talk in the pub the evening after the wedding in which Brigirl asserted that the Marvel Villain Juggernaut is not that tall. Though this deep and important conversation was interrupted by a mad drunk woman climbing over the bar to harass the landlord I've always intended to prove the poor deluded antipodean wrong. Thusly I present the mighty Juggernaut,

If you'd like to note that Juggers, as we like to call him, looks pretty tall and the Marvel site puts him at 6'10" tall. Now I know Brigit probably doesn't remember the conversation but as a true geek I have to say nyah nyah nyah!


Graham said...


You've been looking for that for two whole months haven't you?

Garry G said...

Biding my time boyo, biding my time.

Brigit said...

Jaesus bloody Christ.
Yes I do remember saying he didnt LOOK tall... and he still doesnt LOOK tall. I stand by my comments. He LOOKS wider than he does taller.
Poor Rosa.

Garry G said...

Help ma boab!

He does so look tall, in fact he looks bloody gigantic. Yes he clearly works out regularly giving him broad shoulders but he positively dwarfs a'body ib the comics apart from other well-known tallies like the Hulk and Sasquatch.

Just admit that I'm right hon you know it's for the best.

Brigit said...

your dreamin'.