Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dundee United 2-1 Rangers

My boys Wilkie and Robson stuck it to the dirty Huns and put us third in the SPL Garry is a happy man.

My Dad'll be happy at the score too, we watched the first 10 minutes on the telly with him. For those who are interested he's doing okay with the heart op stuff but he's picked another virus and the slowness of recovery is getting to both of the Auld Dears. My Dad's a good bloke and doesn't deserve all of this but it will get better. To cheer them up we told them that within a year we're planning on moving to Africa to do voluntary work for a year or two. My Dad was okay but my Mum's a bit gutted, what you going to do though?

In other news Brigit is still wrong


Brigit said...

Dont forget your sunscreen...

its not about being right or wrong.
its about entertainment.

Rosa said...

you say that, to a geek?

game on!

current score: Mistah G: 1
Brigit: 5