Monday, November 05, 2007

Parochial News Day

It's that day again so I thought I'd start with the important news,

Rapper stars in Dundee-made kilt

Snoop at the awards ceremony in the Dundee-made outfit.

The MTV Europe Music Awards in Munich had a surprise Dundee flavour when rapper Snoop Dogg hosted the show in an outfit made by one of the city’s kiltmakers.
The Kilt Hire Co. in Commercial Street could not quite believe it when Snoop’s agent from America contacted the store and asked them to design a customised outfit for the rapper, record producer and actor to wear while hosting the show in Munich’s entertainment arena, Olympiahalle.

Performances at the celebrity-studded show included those by the Foo Fighters, Amy Winehouse, My Chemical Romance and Babyshambles.

Scott Shields, branch manager of The Kilt Hire Co. said after receiving contact from Snoop’s agent, there was an extremely animated atmosphere in the store.

“We were excited last night as we were hoping Snoop was going to wear the outfit as there was a chance he wouldn’t — there was definitely a buzz,” he said. “It’s not every day we get something this big.

“For the kilt we went for the Scottish-American tartan, which is mostly red and blue, and the three-quarter length jacket was custom-made with electric blue on it and a detachable hood.”

The outfit included a customised sporran with Snoop’s name on in his very own copyrighted font.

Scott continued, “His agent called last night to say Snoop had tried the outfit on before the show and loved it, especially as it had electric blue on it which went with his trainers, so it all tied in.”

Snoop made his arrival at the awards show in typical gangster rapper style and began hosting the event flanked by girls on motorcycles.

The 14th annual MTV Europe Music Awards was staged in Munich — the third time the awards have been held in Germany since the inaugural show in Berlin.

More proof that us Dundonians are down with the hood chillin to the hip tunes in a gangsta stylee whatever that actually means. It's more likely that the unemployment, access to hard drugs and rampant teen pregnancy get him all misty about home but there you go.

In much less important news,

Armed police in early morning raid

Man held in Dundee terrorism swoop

By John Paul Breslin

Police at the house yesterday.A MAN has been arrested in Dundee under the Terrorism Act after potentially explosive materials were seized at a house in England.
Police said the 31-year-old, from Goole in Yorkshire, was arrested in a residential area of the city at 1.30 am yesterday.
The Counter Terrorism Unit and firearms officers from Tayside Police carried out the early morning arrest at the house at 119 Pitkerro Road (right).
Another 31-year-old man was arrested in Goole on Wednesday on suspicion of offences under the Terrorism Act when potentially explosive material was discovered during a search of a house.
Material from this house has been sent for forensic examination.
Police said the suspect arrested in Dundee had been returned to Yorkshire for questioning.
The man arrested on Wednesday is still in police custody after a warrant of further detention was approved at court on Friday.
A spokeswoman from the Counter Terrorism Unit said police were not searching for anyone else.
She refused to discuss whether the arrest had any connection to Islamist terrorism, although it is understood this is not the case.
Dundee taxi drivers said they had seen up to 10 officers at the house at around 3 am yesterday and had seen a policeman standing guard at the entrance since then.
One local resident said, “I went to bed at about one o’clock and there were no police, but when I woke this morning I could see a lot of officers going into the house.”
“I thought it was a burglary at first but it has to be more serious than that because there are so many officers going into the house and there has been someone guarding the entrance all day.

This one came a bit out of the blue especially as we live on Pitkerro Road. They've definitely confirmed there's no Islamic link so it'll be interesting to find out what's up. Mibbee he just planned on a big firworks party for Guy Fawkes night. That was tonight btw and there was a top display in Baxters Pary.

And in a bit of non-news Perth smells,

‘Nauseating’ smell tackled

PERTH and Kinross Council last night confirmed it has been investigating a “nauseating” smell noticed in Perth in recent days.

Several residents have contacted The Courier to complain of the smell, which has been traced to an agricultural works to the south-west of the town.

The smell was noticeable throughout Perth, with some people citing a possible sewage problem.

One householder, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “It’s been horrendous.

“I’ve noticed it most of the week and thought it might be a problem with the drains in Perth.

“At times it is nauseating.”

A businessman added, “I was walking down South Street when I smelt this awful stench.

“I thought it may have come from a lorry containing chickens.

“It’s something that needs looked into.”

However, Perth and Kinross Council confirmed it has established the origins of the odour and that the matter has now been passed on to SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency).

A council spokesman said, “Investigations by our environmental health staff traced the source of the smell to agricultural works south-west of Perth. SEPA have been notified and are dealing with the matter.”


Graham said...

Oh, bet you're getting a lot of mileage out of that one G.


Garry G said...

It's not like I haven't been pointing out that Perth's a stinky place for years sonnyjim.

Why you not playing your XBox btw?

Graham said...

I was thinking more of Snoop's kilt, but (non-)terrorists up the road work too.

Not really touched the Xbox as a) no spare cash to pick up titles; b) not been feeling much like gaming of late - RPG sessions aside. And c) I seem to have less time than previously (though not sure how, as it isn't really committed to anything much).