Sunday, October 22, 2006

Aberdeen 3-1 Dundee United

This is getting beyond a sodding joke. If this keeps up they'll be relegated and deserve it.

That and Rosa being away again, Manchester this time, is probably why I'm feeling a bit down today, probably not helped by the fact that I've been hiding in the house playing XBox and mucking about with music all weekend instead of going out there and doing stuff. On the upside I finally got of my fat arse, I'm still not enjoying the fat thing, and did some tidying up so Rosa won't think I'm a completely lazy git when she gets back and whilst I was hoovering I remembered that the poem I've been looking for wasn't actually by Phillip Larkin at all but by Michael Ivens.

by Michael Ivens

First day at school
the large boy
hurled my ball
with amazing skill
high over the roof

soaring out of sight
out of my prosaic life

I gave him
my admiration
As others have done
when their respect
honour hope and lives
have been hurled
triumphantly out of sight.

Okay perhaps not the cheeriest poem in the world but I like it. I'm off for a swim.

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