Saturday, October 28, 2006

Falkirk 5-1 Dundee United

I've been an Arab all my life, I've ballboyed for them in European competition, watched them stuff Benfica and Barcelona and stopped going to Scottish Cup finals just in time for them to win.

Nothing has prepared me for this.

5-1 from fucking Falkirk!

Fucking Falkirk!

Rosa and I watched the highlights in the pub and United were practically scoring the goals for fucking Falkirk! The only bright light was Colin Samuels goal, go you Trinidad & Tobago boys, but this is easily the worst United side I've seen in my life and take my word for it it's been a bad decade or so!

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Graham said...

Things could only get better. No idea if you'll find out before you return, but the Arabs beat Rangers 2-1 today!