Sunday, October 08, 2006

So I got new jeans yesterday

And I got them from the coolest shop in Dundee which makes me feel like Grandad G when I'm in it. Not that this was helped by Rosa shouting out in the middle of skater snowboardy hiphoptastic cooldaddy shop " These shorts are great cos they come with a sewing kit!".

Anyway I got cool hiphop jeans that turn into shorts so not only will I be cool in a pimp daddy stylee when I'm in South Africa my calves will be cool once I take the bottom of them off. OTOH this is the first pair of hiphop jeans I've ever bought and I can't get over the message that came with them,

Five Pointz represents the five elements of hip hop: DJ, BBoy, Graffiti, MC and Knowledge. The clothing will express each point through the design techniques having unique surprises. Each point comes together to help us all remember the true roots of hip hop culture. The turtle is the longevity and the life of hip hop culture.

Frankly I have no idea what they're talking about and just got laughed at by Rosa when I asked what a BBoy was but mibbee you folks who are more down with the scene know more. If you're wondering about the turtle reference at the end so am I as there is no turtle motif at all on the jeans.

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