Thursday, October 12, 2006

Just some random stuff

Finally got around to sorting out my training program at the gym tonight and it's awfy awfy sair. Looks like I'll just have to keep pushing it until I get addicted to the old endorphins and can't stop. On the upside I'm up to a kilometre in my half-hour swim.

Sorted out a priest-type bloke for the wedding. Rev Bob said it's not a problem to turn up at 2pm on the 18th August 2007. We're diving down on Tuesday evening for a chat.

Watched XMen 3 at the weekend at it was really really bad especially considering the first two were pretty good. Also watched Brick which is a sort of high school film noir and is really really good with about 1/30 of the budget of XCrap.

I had to visit my Auntie Isobel last week because she was about to die at any moment and you know how you've got to turn up and look concerned in case they've got hidden millions. Well I found out tonight that she's apparently getting better from the whole death thing. Well she's had her visit and you only get one, next time I'm sending a card.

Since the whole Tele letters thing I've started noticing the Baby on Board sticky things more and more and they are really annoying. So far we've seen,

Babe on Board - It was in pink and to be absolutely frank the lassie driving the car wasn't really a babe. Now if it had said Minger on Board I might have nodded.

Small Person on Board - I imagine this get's used a lot when Snow Whites on at panto or there's a dwarf-throwing event going on.

Born to Shop - Fuck off!

Grandchild on Board - Well this one really depends on whose grandchild we're talking about since everybodies somebodies grandkid including the driver.

!Caution New Driver - This really irritates me because the traditional sign for a new driver in the UK is a green and white L-Plate instead of a white and red one. In other words this is a new poserish driver who needs his car taken off him.

I'm away to write into The Tele.


Graham said...

Minger on board - someone should graffiti Charlotte Church's car with the phrase... :D

Garry G said...

She's just the sodding type to have Babe on Board!