Thursday, October 26, 2006

All those wee nagging worries...

Are mostly sorted nae hass likesay. I got up early and dived down the bank to sort out stuff cashwise for going to South Africa next week, Rosa's called our mate Jenny to mind Guinness and a sudden brief panic about visas was easily cleared.

I did mention we're going to South Africa to see Rosa's brother and sister-in-law next week didn't I? No? Okay then...

Rosa and I are heading off to South Africa on Monday to visit her brother Ed and his wife Marieke.


Anyway most of my nagging worries have gone leaving me but a few.

1. Ed and I might really hate each other resulting in an awkward holiday and years of forced politeness on holidays until our simmering rage explodes over Christmas dinner leaving any children present mentally scarred for life.

This is pretty unlikely as I'm pretty loveable, in a manly way of course, Rosa will break my fingers if I even look like I'm about to be horrible and Ed seems a nice guy.

2. Work worries.

Yeah right I'm going on holiday!

3. I called to book a venue for our wedding reception but it was already booked.

A bit of a worry but we'll find somewhere I'm sure or we could always just grab a pint and a packet of crisps.

4. Baxters Park won't be finished in time for the wedding.

Strangely enough that wasn't a worry until it somehow got into my head today.

5. Existential angst. Y'know if God doesn't exist is there any meaning to life and are any of our moral choices of any consequence and stuff like that.

That one still get's me at three in the morning but then I remember to stop being a pretentious prat.

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Graham said...

It's all my fault... you'll be neurotic in no time. Muahahaha!

Erm, yeah. Sorry for putting the negative park thing to mind. Will give you a call tomorrow over a beer or two and put things right. ;)