Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dundee United 1-4 Celtic


I'm not a happy bunny!

On the upside my good mate supports Oxford United and they won today which keeps them in place on top of stupid daft league.

Rosa bought me walking boots today. I'm a little concerned that this means I've got to walk through the sodding hills of Scotland.

Hot Chip are fabulous.

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Graham said...

Oxford didn't win, but are now still unbeaten 16 games in. Still top, but been losing ground by dropping points the last couple games.

Still, better than I could expect. Crap result for you today though - but then again, whether you lose 1-0 or 4-1 it means approximately the same and it was Celtic... not, say, Motherwell. Ach, who'm I kidding. Sink a beer for me if it'll help.