Sunday, September 17, 2006

Best Saturday EVAH!

Or something like it anyway.

Yesterday was far too busy, it's Open Doors Weekend in Dundee so we decided to take advantage and visit a couple of places the first being the venue of our wedding next year Baxters Park pavilion. Baxters park is my local park which was donated by one of Dundees Jute Barons in the 19th century and designed by the bloke who designed Crystal Palace . Up until a few years ago the park and particularly the pavilion was in complete disrepair but it's now restored and looks fabulous. We had a tour of the pavilion from one of the urban rangers, is that not the coolest job title evah, and I am completely stoked that we're getting wed there.

After that it was down to the gym fo a few lengths in the pool then on to Dundee Central Mosque which was really fascinating. I already knew the basics of Islam but sitting down for a chat with a scholar of the Qu'ran was a real eye-opener and I loved the sense of community especially with all the kids running about. It's definitely piqued my interest and I will go back.

Then later on we went to see The Black Seeds live and they were fantastic or choice as my Kiwigirl says. There's nothing like a Kiwi reggae/funk/soul 8 piece band to send you to skank heaven. Check out their tour dates and run, don't walk, to get tickets if they're round your way. After the gig we chatted with Barnaby, the lead singer, who remembered me from last year and is a genuinely sweet guy. Check out their new video Sometimes Enough.

After all that we headed home where I put up a couple of posters I'd snaffled at the gig, opened a beer then promptly fell asleep on the sette. As Saturdays go that was sweet as!

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Charly Farly said...

Good to hear what life is like over yonder. Rosas main reference to you is Mad Scotsman, and we have to imagine all your life/personality/appearance from this. Now we can see that Rose Hose Nose Blows, has found herself a good man that looks after her. Excellent. Kia Kaha (Rosa will interpret)with marrying your kiwi girl