Monday, September 11, 2006

Parochial News Day

I figure if anybody is actually reading this they probably barely know Dundee exists and really don't care about what's happening here but I thought I'd share anyway. It's been an exciting few weeks up here with armed robberies, police raids and young lads stealing buses but finally we've managed to concentrate on something important...

Dundee pubs don’t measure up

Now this is quite a serious matter for those who enjoy a wee dram and I hope conditions have improved the next time they check but until then I recommend you keep an eye on the barman pouring things out in thimble measures.

And the start of Dundee Universities Freshers Week is heralded by a speech by the universities rector Lorraine Kelly.

You've got to love Lorraine don't ya?

Now as all of you keen followers of the Scottish Premiership are aware Dundee Uniteds five game unbeaten streak came to an ignomious end on Saturday although Craig Brewster got a good shot in considering that he's an auld dear. Hopefully we'll get back on track after being joined by Namibean forward Arend von Stryck though I worry that he's been signed because his name fits. I'll be sure to keep you updated anyway.

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