Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Parochial Letters Day

Last week a question of great import was raised in the Tele

Car sign madness
JUST WHAT do drivers think they are achieving by displaying
those silly yellow signs like “Baby on Board” in their cars?
Do they really
think that other motorists are targeting cars with which to have accidents?
Do they believe that the sight of their “Princess on Board” sign will make
other drivers change their mind and crash into another car without a sign?
These signs are a danger, inviting, as they do, other drivers to take their
eyes off the road.
Can we just stop this madness now? — Driven Mad

This has started an important debate throughout Dundee.

do take notice of signs

LETTER WRITER Driven Mad complains about car
signs like “Baby On Board”.
Some people do take notice and back off instead
of sitting on my bumper.
As a mother of two young children and a baby I like
to warn people they could hurt innocent children.
I can honestly say I
believe the sign in my rear window has made people think twice. — Mad Drivers.

Out of order
DRIVEN MAD is out of order if he thinks “silly yellow signs”
reading “Baby On Board” are a “danger” to other drivers.
While these signs
may not make other drivers crash into an alternative car, they do offer some
protection nonetheless.
If, for example, you do not have such a sign and are
being tailgated, you will likely continue to be tailgated. If, however, a sign
is displayed, the effect should hopefully be to make the driver behind get his
dangerous behaviour in check.
Once a driver is close enough to read such a
sign, they may already be too close and in need of a wake-up call. — Drive To

Hand in licence
IF DRIVEN Mad thinks “Baby On Board” signs are dangerous,
then he or she should hand in his, or her, licence now.
I have one on my
rear window, and when I see one on another vehicle I pull back a little and it
does not distract my attention from the road.— Penelope Pitstop.

Okay Penelope even having a differing opinion means he should have his driving priviliges taken away?

No idea
DRIVEN MAD obviously has no idea the real reason behind “Baby On
Board” signs.
They are in place to advise emergency services that a baby or
child is travelling in case of a collision.
Safety should be the number one
priority for everyone. — Conscientious Mother.

Yeah those suckers that hold on the signs are well known for surviving crashes.

But not everybody was against the original writer.

Outlandish manoeuvre
I AGREE with Driven Mad about signs warning of “Baby On
What the sign often means is the parent is going to make some
outlandish manoeuvre, when distracted by the travelling child.
It is only
the quick reflexes of other drivers which avert serious accidents. — Distracted.

Clearly having such a sign means you may suddenly decide to have a go at wheelies at anytime at the goading of the evil travelling child.

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