Sunday, September 10, 2006

Recent and not so films

Snakes on a Plane is fantastic but Crank is so much better.

Watched a couple of DVD's tonight as well though.

The Proposition is a work of fucking art. Written by Nick Cave, the coolest Australian ever, and starring Guy Pearce, the only cool bloke off of Neighbours, I'd say this is the best western since Unforgiven if it wasn't better. I see this as an existential film with the characters trying to find meaning after being forced into the Hell that is Australia. Ray Winstone rises above an already fantastic cast.

Grizzly Man is Werner Herzog's film made from the tapes of Timothy Treadwell who purported to defend bears in Alaska then got eaten by them. Absolutely fascinating especially when you get into the background of the situation. Herzog never loses sympathy with his subject even when he disagrees and I love his joy at footage that nobody but Treadwell could have got. Saying that I worship Herzog anyway.

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