Saturday, September 30, 2006

So the hobbit's away

Rosa's gone to see Sarah in Ireland and I sodding hate it. When she talks about going away it sounds pretty good likesay. I mean a weekend of hanging out playing XBox, drinking beer and eating manly meat sounds great, maybe I'll have a Snoop Dogg type party with loads of coke and bitchs and stuff and I'll have a proper lie-in without being dragged out of bed to watch Baywatch and shit.

She's been gone two and a half hours and I have no idea what to do without her. I'm a sad git.

I've decided to inflict my fave lines from songs on the world. I am planning on doing a top bling line of the day but Pulp fit my mood better.

Oh we were brought up on the Space-Race,
now they expect you to clean toilets.
I'm off to party like Snoop Dogg now,

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