Friday, September 22, 2006

Thank God that weeks over!

This week seemed to go on forever. I don't think me or the Kiwi really recovered from last Saturday before going back to work and worked proved to be a complete pussy* on Monday and Tuesday but hey we had Wednesday off so nae hass.


It was all meant to be so easy. We'd both got the day off to go down to Dundee University Open Day but we didn't have to be there til the back of 12 so we could have a lie in and potter about a bit. Well Guinness decided she wanted fed, played with and out at 7am so we never got to sleep in but we tried so we never got up til half-ten. We then futtered around the house too much so we were late heading down the gym for a quick swim and did you know that Rosa doesn't like to be rushed? Well she doesn't and let's you know at length.

Sorry I've got to nip out to get the girl Heat magazine...

...Got the magazine. Apparently Pete's dumped Nicki and the girl needs to know about it right now!

Then we went to the open day which was a complete info download and gave us loads to talk about over a pint afterwards. Of course after two pints we remembered we had to rush home to play an RPG later on. Frankly our days off are getting to be too much work.

The open day was all about the possibility of me going back to school which is a possibility but we're still thinking what with weddings and stuff coming up first.

The rest of the week's mainly consisted of work boredom and gym pain so nothing new there.

*For you colonists this is pronounced the same as hussy and means a hassle.

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Brigit said...

you rushed Rosa? ribs hurt...hahahahahaahah
ahaahahaAHAHAHaah..ahhaha..hhaaaaa.ahhh... dude. dont EVER rush Rosa.
You better make her a cup of tea in bed for one morning.