Friday, September 15, 2006

Parochial News Redux

I was going to keep the Dundonian news stuff to weekly at most until I happened to glance at the Tele today. My niece was in a Dundee Schools production of 42nd Street last week which was okay for a school production but frankly I'm a bad person who felt being charged a tenner to watch it was a bit much likesay. Well I clearly wasn't as impressed as,

Tele Letters


My HUSBAND and I attended the Whitehall Theatre to watch 42nd Street.

Having never been to the theatre before, we were amazed.

These kids were fantastic. We were so impressed with the whole show that we went again, I have been telling everyone I have met that the show was the most amazing thing that we have ever seen. — Gwen and Steven Miller.

Whilst I'm awfy happy for Gwen and Steven especially that they seem to have expanded their world far enough to see a sodding school production I pity their friends who are promised 'the best thing EVAH!'.

For anybody who's read my previous couple of posts I'd also like to point out that the debate on measures in pubs is hotting up and as far as I'm concerned the lead singer of Keane could use help with his pie addiction.

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