Friday, September 22, 2006

Lorraine Kelly Watch

I missed this on Sunday but it appears that the Dundee University Lorraine Kelly debate has reached new heights The Sunday Post!

STUDY HARD, play hard, drink lots and have safe sex. That was the advice Rector Lorraine Kelly gave to new students at Dundee University. As a mother, will she be happy to give the same advice to her daughter when the time comes for her to start university?

Mrs M. Georgeson, Monifieth.

Well I think that'll have given our Lorraine something to think about don't you?

And Lorraines troubles don't end there.

TV boss quits over Kelly hate text

The Press Association Thursday September 21, 11:44 AM

TV boss quits over Kelly hate text
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A GMTV boss has quit after accidentally sending a text message to presenter Lorraine Kelly saying she hated her.

Benedetta Pinelli meant to fire off the angry text to her husband after falling out with Kelly while filming on location in Namibia.

Instead she sent Kelly a message which read: "I hate LK."

Realising her mistake, she immediately resigned from her job in charge of the LK Today show.

The drama unfolded last week during a three-day trip to Africa to film cheetahs being released into the wild.

"Benedetta made a massive mistake and fell on her sword. She is hugely embarrassed about the whole thing," said an insider on the ITV1 programme.

"It was entirely her decision to leave. Lorraine played no part in her resignation.

"Lorraine just wants to forget about it and move on. It's so rare to hear a bad word about her because she is a very well-loved presenter here."

Benedetta, who joined GMTV five months ago as Head of Lifestyle, has already found a new job with a film company.

She said: "I'm leaving a strong show behind and I'm very proud of my team. In fact I'm taking them out for a farewell drink tonight."

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