Monday, September 18, 2006

It's Parochial News Day

Because the G hanging out with international reggae superstars is a bit boring let's see what else is happening in the Dun that is Dee.

The Proclaimers Musical

Screw the ABBA and Queen crap I present you with the musical based on the musical workings of our own Proclaimers. Gasp at that 500 Mile journey, hear that Letter from America and bask in the Sunshine on Leith. The Dundee Rep is actually wonderful and their version of Monkey was trancsendent so we have high hopes.

There's no such thing as a 90 minute bigot

I have a deep disgust of sectarianism whether Catholic or Protestant and I particularly hate it in our national game. We are better than that.

We should have beaten Caley!

I'm expecting United to get into the top half of the table this season but they're going to have to do better. Saying that my support isn't great as I doubt I can afford to take the Kiwi and I to Tannadice until Febuary.

The Sunday Post says Rosa should buy me Lego Star Wars II

She disagrees strongly, I find her lack of faith disturbing.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Garry

This is a good blog. Been thinking of doing one myself for ages but recently our f*%king telecom cable keeps getting stolen so we're off line most of the time...
anyway, nice prelim insights into the workings of my future brother-in-law's head, and especially the bustling metropolis of dundee.

as scotsmen go, you're not so mad.

ciao for now.